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Basic SEO
These Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques attempt to make best use of the content you have provided for your web pages.

  • Selection of words and phrases to be emphasised in the visible web design.
  • Selection of words and phrases to be included in hidden meta tags.
  • Creation of site map file for use by search engines.
  • Submission of site to common search engines.
  • Suggetion of suitable web sites for links back to your site.
Mobile-friendly makeover
Many websites designed for viewing on full-size desktop and laptop screens can be difficult to see and use on mobile phones. Small text size, links too close together, fixed layouts and over-large graphics all prevent pages being viewed as mobile-friendly. In addition Google now uses its own assesment of mobile-friendliness (along with many other factors) when ranking search results on mobile phones or tablets.

I can assess your web site and recommend and make changes to improve its useability and search ranking on mobile devices.

Keyword analysis and report
Keyword analysis is a more fundamental review of the content of your web pages. It utilises statistics provided by search engines on search term usage. The resulting report may suggest changes to the content of your web pages, as follows.

  • Changes to wording to include more effective keywords.
  • Changes to the number and naming of pages.
  • Changes to the distribution of content across pages.

What is search engine optimisation?

Good search engine optimisation maximises the amount of business coming from the results pages of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alta Vista, etc, to your site.

It attempts to do this by getting your website as near as possible to the top of page one in the (non paid for) results of searches relevant to your business.

The nearer you are to the top of the search results the more likely your site is to be seen by potential customers. Your actual position will depend on the number and quality of other sites also attempting to get to the top of the same search results.

Search engine results pages usually contain a section of paid for 'sponsored' results above and sometimes to the side of the normal (or 'organic') results. SEO techniques mainly relate to 'organic' search results. Sponsored results are basically adverts which appear on results pages for given search terms. Google's AdWords is the largest such scheme. SEO companies can give advice and help with this.

The content of the snippet of information within your search result entry may also act as an advertisment. It can encourage or discourage a potential customer to click through to your site. Search engines assemble this snippet from various components of your web page. The likely content of this snippet also needs to be considered when optimising your pages.